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4th European Ladies Disc Golf Challenge // 13th - 15th May 11 // Potsdam, Germany

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Ladies Cup 2010 − The 4th European Ladies Disc Golf Tournament

This Tournament is going to be the Disc Golf Event especially for Ladies in Europe taking place for the 4th time on the wonderfully extended 18 Hole Course in Potsdam, near the german Capital of Berlin.

The "Hyzernaut Disc Golf Club" will host the Ladies Cup at the weekend May 13th-15th 2011.

Aren't you tired of having just "a hand full" female player around? Come to Potsdam to meet more Women from all over Germany, Europe and Abroad, who love to play Disc Golf.

We have been establishing the Ladies Cup since 2008 and we want to keep the Vision of a lively, fun-filled and action focused, competitive women's Disc Golf Scene alive.

We all know, that it's more than just reaching the longest Putt's, it's about sharing Time with Friends and getting better and better at the Game.

The upcoming Tournament represents a great Opportunity for the Group of female Players to gain more international Self-Confidence and more Appearance in the media which will of course make our Sport more popular and attractive for other Women and attract Attention for the Disc Golf Sport in general.

For those who have no ambition to win, we want create a great time and for those, who are into the challenge we want to invest as much as we can into the purse.

As in the past years you can check out the Tournament Course on Friday, there will start a Best Shot Mixed Doubles Competition.

Like last Year we are creating a special Program for the Gents, who escort their Ladies to the Ladies Cup Tournament. Gents can play the Course and win the "Best Caddy Award". Please register for better Organization, like Food and Games. Like the Ladies the Gents have the Chance to play one or two Days. But in the Gents Division there will be no extra Finals. So play three Rounds and if you want, you can arrange special rules like play forehand and backhand in Change.

Check out our 14 holes at hyzernauts.de → courses → south Europe → Potsdam. It will be enlarged to 18 holes for proper tournament size.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event please contact Astrid Dittmann via e-mail LadiesCup@hyzernauts.de.

Download our Flyer to spread the Event in your Disc Golf Scene. Thanks

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